5 Steps To Register as a Remote Customer Service Agent

Never Worry About Job Security Again

Khianna Palmer
2 min readSep 22, 2021

Telecommunications is here to stay and working from home has become the new normal giving us new opportunities to find job security through other creative avenues.

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One way to maintain job stability in our unstable job market is to register as a remote customer service agent so you’ll always have a way to generate an income where ever you are.

If you’re not ready to start your own call center company you can register as an agent and partner with Image Czar Communications LLC. Our platform will train you to provide customer service, tech support, and inbound sales, via email, phone, and chat, for some of the world’s leading companies.

Step 1

Go to www.imageczarllc.com and click on the Work From Home tab.

Step 2

Click on the area that says register. You will be redirected to our partner page where you will fill out your registration application to set up your personalized profile.

Step 3

Enter company ID. The IBID for Image Czar Communications LLC is 91603 and the CSP ID 1672712.

Step 4

Sign a (NDA) non-disclosure agreement to access client details.

Step 5

Select a client opportunity.

Each client offers a certification course that must be passed in order to begin servicing. These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses that provide information on the client’s systems that you will be using to service, as well as the requirements for the program. Most come with a fee that ranges from $25 -$249.

Must be 18 to register and no experience is necessary.

If you are ready to work from home as a customer service agent, let's get started at www.imageczarllc.com



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