Kim K Said What To Women In Business?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, I go days even weeks at a time without turning on a tv or opening an app, and I do not follow any celebrities, therefore, anything going on out there in the world, I will be the very last person to know about it. I just so happen to be scrolling through LinkedIn on a rear occasion and stumbled across a video of Kim Kardashian’s “advice” to women in business.

“I have the best advice for women in business,” Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” ~ Kim Kardashian

Whoa! How does she think people are buying her products if none of them are working? Did she really think that was the “best” advice to women in business? Are her negative thoughts about women in business why she hasn’t offered any funding to women in business?

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Keep in mind this is “advice” coming from a woman with wealthy parents who have connections in wealthy circles, whose mom leaked her sex tape with a well-known artist to their wealthy resources, and Kim now has people who get her dressed every day and she does not write her own to-do-list.

First, we need to understand who is a woman in business. A woman in business is not limited to women who have a business under their name. “Women in business” is any woman working in a business whether she’s a cashier at a retail store, a manager at the bus station, a supervisor at a fast-food chain, CFO of a Fortune 100 company, or runs her own shaved ice shop out of her home, she is a woman in business.

Some people have said her message is for women in business. Well, I am a woman in business. I am the CEO of Image Czar Communications LLC which I have been getting off my “fucking ass” every single day working on and in diligently and consistently. I have been building my brand since 2006 when Kim Kardashian was in the shadows of Paris Hilton getting stepped on by the paparazzi and didn’t have a clue about what she wanted to do with her life. No, her message is not for me.

Others have said the issue with Kim’s message is the messenger. No, the issue is privileged thoughtless people talking about what they do not understand with such diction and certainty. It doesn’t matter WHO the message came from the message is rooted in a place of pure privilege, tone-deaf, and disconnection from the majority of women in business. Her “advice” dehumanizes and minimizes actual working women of the world who came from humble beginnings and are running businesses all over the globe.

Saying, “nobody wants to work” while addressing women in business is spit in the face and makes it seem as though we aren’t already getting up off of our “fucking asses” every single day and putting in major work because how did we did get here to be classified as a “woman in business” in the first place if we aren’t working? Oh, the irony.

I have personally and single-handedly put in the work and my last dollar for my business for more than 16 years and counting, starting at 5 am and ending at 8 pm or later, and sometime in between it all, I have to eat, tend to my kid which I love to do, make a home, and work out and take care of my health.

Where exactly is Kim getting her information and how does she determine whose working and who isn’t?

A Typical Schedule For A Woman In Business

6:00 am- wake up, brush teeth, make tea
6:30 am- workout & shower
8:00 am- get kids ready for the day, fed, off to school, clean up
10:00 am- start working day job that funds my business
6:00 pm- clock out of work head to pick up kids from aftercare
7:30 pm- make it home, start dinner, feed kids, check homework, bathe kids, put kids to bed
9:00 pm- clean up, shower, make sure the kid’s clothes are out for the next day
10:00 pm- work on business
12:00 am- go to bed

Is this NOT the schedule of someone putting in work?

Disclaimer: I do not recommend that schedule to anybody. There is no time for self, family outside the home, no quality time with significant other, no networking events or business classes to scale business, and 5 hrs is not enough sleep for a woman in business.

Perhaps if I had people to do my grocery shopping, clean my house, watch my kid, drive me around, get me dressed, do my hair, pump my gas, take my car to the shop, do my makeup, do my laundry, cook my food, get my toiletries, run all of my errands, just like Kim Kardashian has… I would have a lot more energy and time to put into my business.

Perhaps if I was born into wealth and got paid millions just to make an appearance, that will allow me to afford those people to do all of those things for me I would be all set, however, those are not the cards I was dealt, and that’s not my line of work, and I am not releasing a sex tape.

I would be in Kim Kardashians’ tax bracket too if my wealthy family leaked a sex tape with a successful entertainer. But instead, I simply worked with what I had, went to college, kept my clothes on, lost sleep, balanced a 9–5, and worked from the muscle with my bare hands. Something Kim cannot begin to imagine.

Yes there are in fact lazy people in the world and there is a time and place to address them and that wasn’t the time nor place.

Next time she should go off of facts and say something along the lines of, “it’s not going to be easy but keep going, don’t let anyone get in your way, and don’t lose sight of your goals”. But Kim can’t say that because it HAS been easy for her every step of the way. The hardest part was probably recovering from her surgeries.

Khianna Palmer is the CEO of Image Czar Communications LLC
An advocate for professional and personal growth
sharing her experiences in life, business, and community.



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Khianna Palmer

Khianna Palmer

Khianna L. Palmer is Chief Executive officer at Image Czar Communications LLC.