The Yoga Barn

It’s Sunday, February 22nd, 2022 I decided to let my body naturally wake itself up and I am completely discombobulated. I quickly realize I have somewhere to be at 10 AM so I snatch my cellphone and check the time. It’s 9:40 AM and yall! I should be in my car on the highway to The Yoga Barn, not in bed, STILL! I plop my head back down on the pillow, I calmly accept my tardy fate, gather my thoughts, speak positively to myself, hop in the shower, and head to Solful Brunch, anyway. It was raining and a little cooler than I’d like it but I showed up, 40 mins late, for myself, for my community, and for the love of small businesses. Luckily I came in during the warm-up, Yay me!

Inside The Yoga Barn

What exactly is Solful Brunch? A yoga workshop + plant-based brunch. We kicked off Solful Brunch with a juice blend called spirulina “electric” shots provided by Soler Juicing Company. I drink a lot of cold-pressed juice blends and have visited many juice bars, however, those electric shots were like nothing else I have ever drank in my life and they taste so delicious!

The yoga and meditation workshop was guided by Grow with Sol who did a phenomenal job leading and educating us through an amazing experience of different poses and breathing exercises. Sol explained each pose, why we do them, how it helps our body, and how the breathing and the poses work together to re-align our chakras. All of which set the tone for my entire week ahead of me.

Our amazing plant-based vegan alkaline brunch included chicken and waffles, fresh fruit, quinoa grits, and roasted red potatoes catered by Alchemy Chef Rudi Lopez who did not disappoint, you hear me!

I left this event feeling grounded, loved, properly taken care of, and bursting with even more gratitude. After Covid robbed us of the last two years of our lives it felt really good to have that sense of community brought back to the surface through this event. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a successful gathering and I will be back sooner rather than later.

The Yoga Barn is located in Charlotte NC and has various workshops going on all throughout the week so if you’re interested in attending follow Charlotte BIPOC Yoga Collective on IG to stay up to date on the yoga class schedule.

Khianna Palmer is the CEO of Image Czar Communications LLC
An advocate for professional and personal growth
sharing her experiences in life and business



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Khianna Palmer

Khianna Palmer

Khianna L. Palmer is Chief Executive officer at Image Czar Communications LLC.